211Now Forum Rules and FAQs 1 reply 115 views

The 211Now Forum is a safe space to ask questions, share helpful information, and encourage and build comradery with fellow 211s. 

What is a forum?

The forum lets you participate in topics and conversations surrounding a disaster or incident. It allows you to pass on information to other 211s or ask questions that another 211 user may be able to answer. 

How do I use it?

Click on the forum topic for an event that you are helping with. You can read through different topics and reply to other 211 staff members. 

What kind of topics can I post or expect to see?

The forum topics based on incidents allow you to discuss many topics with fellow 211 staff. You can post insider knowledge about a resource, staff changes, questions about an incident or resource, and more! You should check forums that you are a part of every day.