County: Ventura, CA | Disaster Type: Disasters, Extreme Cold & Winter Storm, and Severe Storm | Incident: California Winter Storm (01/2023) | Resource Type: Evacuation Information, General Incident Information, and Maps

Ventura County, California Winter Storm-Maps, Evacuation Information


Visit to view live maps of the weather and incidents.


Should the need to evacuate arise, notifications will be made to residents in one of  a variety of methods:

  • VC Alert Emergency Notification System
  • Door-to-Door notifications by Public Safety Personnel
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)
  • Emergency Alert System (Broadcast Television / AM/FM Radio)

If you observe conditions near your residence that may jeopardize your safety, please do not wait for official notification from public safety personnel. Take immediate action to evacuate to a safe location.


The Community of La Conchita has been deemed a geologic hazard area by the County of Ventura. County officials advise against entry into the area under any circumstance. 

For up to date information and updates on the Community of La Conchita, visit