County: San Mateo, CA | Incident: Winter Weather 2023 |

Resource Type: Damage Report and Fallen Tree

San Mateo County – Winter Weather – Report a Problem

To report a problem to San Mateo County visit Public Works.

  • Note – scroll to the bottom of the website page and click the icon Reportreport a problem or request

Public Works County number is 650-363-4103 or 650-363-4100 (**if high call volume it is suggested to submit a report to their website)

Some of the items that can be reported:

  1. Road Maintenance
  • Tree
  • Road Damage
  • Debris
  • Drainage

2. Traffic

  • Signal Maintenance
  • Street Light
  • Signage

Note – Fallen Tree:

  • If a tree comes down and it is near wires or there is danger of personal injury then dial 911.
  • Nonemergency goes to public works for your City. Visit the County Executive’s Office.
  • If unincorporated, or unsure, contact county.