County: San Joaquin, CA | Disaster Type: Disasters, Extreme Cold & Winter Storm, and Severe Storm | Incident: California Winter Storm (01/2023) | Resource Type: Evacuation Information, General Incident Information, Road Closures, and Sandbags

San Joaquin County, California Winter Storm – General Information, SJ Office of Emergency Services

The San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services provides disaster information, including latest on road closures, evacuation plans, weather conditions, and list of vendors with sandbag supplies.

To assist in this request to FEMA and decision, OES needs assistance from the public to report damage to homes or businesses within San Joaquin County. You can report damages using the buttons below. All information will be sent to OES and reported to State and Federal emergency response agencies. This is not the same as a report for insurance and does not guarantee federal recovery assistance. All information will be sent directly to the Office of Emergency Services for review and tracking. This DOES NOT satisfy a report for insurance or immediate response purposes. Recovery | Winter Storm 2023 | Events |

Remember that an evacuation order means to leave the area immediately and not return until evacuation orders are lifted. An evacuation warning means that you should prepare to evacuate and begin evacuating if you need additional time to evacuate (ex. medical needs, large animal transport, in need of transportation to evacuate).

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