County: Monterey, CA | Incident: Winter Weather 2023 |

Resource Type: Eviction

Monterey County – Winter Weather – Eviction Notices

The County of Monterey Board of Supervisors has unanimously approved an eviction moratorium to assist flood victims.

The moratorium takes effect immediately and will last until the end of August, although it will be reviewed for renewal.

The moratorium protects renters, small businesses and mobile homeowners (who pay rent for their spaces) from eviction. It does not relieve the renter from the obligation to pay all rent that is due, nor take away right of the landlord to recover past due rent.

The moratorium is similar to the eviction moratorium in place during COVID-19. The tenant must notify the landlord that he/she cannot pay rent due to impacts from the March flooding including lay off or job loss reduction of work hours.

The moratorium also asks financial institutions to pause any foreclosures against property owners/landlords who are impacted by this disaster.

The moratorium does not stop the eviction process and related notifications which is protected by state law but can prevent the actual eviction for this time period. County supervisors will be sending the moratorium information to county courts so they are aware of the County’s action.

For additional information, please visit the Moratorium Document.