County: Monterey, CA | Disaster Type: Disasters, Extreme Cold & Winter Storm, and Severe Storm | Incident: California Winter Storm (01/2023) | Resource Type: Donations and Volunteer

Monterey County, California Winter Storm – Donation and Volunteer Information, Monterey County Office of Emergency Services

 To donate locally to provide emergency assistance and relief through local nonprofits for needs including food, emergency shelter, financial assistance to those evacuated, support for first responders, as well as recovery efforts. Your gift will support the affected residents of Monterey County, California and is fully tax deductible. 100% of donations will be used for grantmaking. Please click here

Volunteers are successful participants in emergency management systems when they are flexible, self-sufficient, aware of risks, and willing to be coordinated by local emergency management experts. Volunteers must accept the obligation to “do no harm.”