County: Lake, IL | Disaster Type: Community Violence | Incident: Highland Park Parade Shooting (07/2022) | Resource Type: Grief Counseling and Mental Health

Lake County, Illinois Highland Park Parade Shooting – Family Oriented Grief Support, Willow House

Memorial Kits-

Include a family activity to memorialize a person who has died. As well as education on tragic loss, and coping tools like family processing sheets. A fidget toy and a feel-good trinket.  

Please schedule a time to pick up using this link: 

6 Week Support Group-

Open registration – Dates TBD 

A family-oriented support group divided based on age. Highly encouraged to attend all 6 weeks. Topics will be based on processing emotions from the 4th of July Highland Park shooting. Sessions will take place at the Bannockburn office: 2231 Lakeside Drive Bannockburn, Il. 60015  

Registration Required: 

For More Information Reach out by phone 847-236-9300 or email