County: Lake, IL | Incident: Highland Park Parade Shooting (07/2022) |

Resource Type: Financial Assistance

Lake County, IL – Highland Park Parade Shooting – Crime Victims Financial Assistance Program (Victims First)

Victims of mass casualty crime can get financial assistance directly from Victims First. In addition to location-specific funds, VictimsFirst has a Victims Funds that is open to all victims of mass casualty crime to help pay for emergency needs, such as ongoing medical expenses, food, rent/housing, and transportation costs.

This form is to be used only by immediate family members of the deceased, those wounded/injured, or who have survived a mass casualty crime to request emergency financial assistance from VictimsFirst. All information will be kept confidential. 

Application process:
Or contact If you need assistance filling out this form :
706-VICTIMS (842-8467)